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yes bank ltd , koramangala branch IFSC Code , Address , MICR Code.
yes bank ltd , koramangala branch is situated in karnataka .The IFSC Code assigned to this bank is YESB0000198. MICR Code of the bank is 560532005. The bank Address is " ground and mezzanine floor, basil moneta, koramangala bangalore karnataka 560095" and it is located in bangalore urban District.". Other details of the bank are given below.

Bank: yes bank ltd
Branch: koramangala
MICR CODE: 560532005
Branch CODE: 000198
Address: ground and mezzanine floor, basil moneta, koramangala bangalore karnataka 560095
City: bangalore

Let us suppose you want to send a certain sum of money to your friend or relative. If he has a different bank, just providing the account number is not simply enough. 11 Digit IFSC code must be given for accurately identifying the correct branch location and address of the branch. THE IFSC CODE for yes bank ltd having its branch located in koramangala bangalore is YESB0000198. The electronic transfer system requires always the 11 digit alphanumeric code issued by RBI with which each and every bank branch in india is attached. The 5th character of this 11 character code is always zero and the reason is that RBI has kept it because of future speculated usage depending upon the growth in number of banks in country. With the advent of internet people are more and more preferring online mode in transfer of money.This is the fastest and safest mode of wuick transfer of funds. You can transfer funds from anywhere in india, the only required thing is that you know the relevant details of the transferring account. In early days people used to go to the bank physically and ask for a transaction slip, fill all the details and give to the bank employee. The bank employee performed the transaction while filling the details in his or her system. This method is still valid, but becoming less popular due to the popularity of electronic transaction.
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